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And the world goes on

*knock knock*

Anyone home? It's been a while, though not as much as between my previous two posts...
But there's news, and as all news these days it's not very good.
I lost my job this month, as the store I was working at isn't having the best of times either. And that the very next day after I had to pay for my car insurance with a 10-month payment schedule. :-/
Thankfully, the individual rates aren't big, so I should be able to manage it.

On the bright side, I've been thinking of ditching that job for quite a while now, so now I'm hoping to find something... well, not better, as it was a pretty decent job, but less stressful. Or at least with a boss that can be reasoned with.

That should be enough for my annual update, as the rest barely changes around here. Still watching anime (though after a fairly long, work-induced pause), still reading only a handful of webcomics, still spending way too much time on the PC.
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