New year, new posts

So apparently some people are still using this thing, so I thought I might check in. :)

As the world burns around me, I'm still standing still and watching it all unfold, waiting to see what comes next. But still here, still hanging on.

A long time coming

After more than a decade in development, Mount & Blade II Bannerlord was released 10 years after the previous game in the series, Warband. And it is glorious. :)
Still in early access, so plenty more time to go until all the kinks are ironed out, but then again the previous two were never fully polished either. And this one is so much more complex (and difficult) than the previous ones. But there's a lot to like in there, for a realistic(ish) medieval warfare game nothing else even comes close. I don't play multiplayer, so I don't know about those, and in singleplayer Kingdom Come Deliverance does individual combat much, much better but is also a lot more resource-intensive and doesn't do nearly as massive battles.

In other news, I'm still alive. And now back to your regular isolation programming, which for me means back to romping around post-Calradian imperial times. :)

Quick update

I have reached the age of the answer, having recently celebrated my 42nd birthday. Still here, still spinning in circles. Recovery is proceeding adequately, but I'm a bit too depressed about life in general to adequately deal with all the bureaucracy I need to take care of. Or, y'know, exercise.
At least I got a bit more back into anime and some webcomics so that's giving me some joy in life.

Alive and kicking

I suppose after that last post it would be appropriate for me to inform people that the operation has indeed been successful and I'm back on my feet and mostly fully functional.

(ir)Regular check-in

Wow, this thing's still here? Cool. :) Well, nothing new to report, the world can breathe easy for another year or however long it takes me to remember this exists. :p